10 valuable reasons for you to start diving.

Written by Yuliia Kliusa
07/13/2022 13:39:19 en Training | 1 comments

Many times in our lives, we consider discovering new challenges and experiences to enrich ourselves personally: practicing new sports, traveling to exotic places and getting to know different cultures, learning photography, becoming aware of caring for nature, enjoying some outdoor activity in company. from your friends and family...

Friend, you are in luck, scuba diving encompasses all these and many more reasons and as I promised you in the title of this article, I give you 10 reasons to start diving now.

1. Play sports: Everyone knows that a sedentary life is not good for our health, but conventional sports may seem too hard or boring, on the contrary, recreational diving is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

2. Meet new people: do not worry if no one in your environment practices scuba diving, in the diving centers you will meet many people who share this new experience and you will end up making great friends.

3. Direct contact with nature: don't be content with seeing animals and dream landscapes only on postcards. Immersing yourself in the Mediterranean you will contemplate a fauna and flora in first person: fish, octopus, seahorses, rays, spectacular posidonia meadows, dream reefs...

4. Become aware of the environment: our seas and oceans are rich, very delicate ecosystems that you have to learn to care for and understand, but to become aware, you must experience the beauty that exists underwater, with us you will learn to dive responsibly.

5. Practice an outdoor activity: enjoy the fresh air, the smell of the sea, the heat of the sun... yes, I know we're going to be underwater, but there will also be times like boat rides when we can enjoy of the Mediterranean climate.

6. Spend time with family/friends: you can share scuba diving with your people, whether they are children, uncles, grandparents...diving suits almost everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition.

7. Travel: Divers are always looking for a different destination that provides them with new underwater landscapes, such as the coral reefs in Australia, the cenotes in Mexico, the great diversity of the Red Sea...

8. Relax and forget about stress: due to the pace of life we lead, we accumulate stress and fatigue, it is a good time to clear our minds without having to go to a Spa.

9. Diversities of diving: Scuba diving is not only diving and that's it (which is not little), you can dive at night, in sunken ships, caves, lakes, under ice, drive underwater scooters, learn underwater photography...

10. Make scuba diving a profession: If you want to learn a new trade or dedicate yourself part-time in your free time, it is a good time to consider it. Diving is a very grateful job, you will meet people, it will allow you to travel, since there is a lot of demand for professionals worldwide, and most importantly, you will enjoy your work.


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Berta 18 July 2021

Yes, diving is really amazing! I recently had a baptism in Tossa and I loved it! So the next thing is a course and to discover those incredible places! 👌

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