When you haven't dived for a long time.

Written by Yuliia Kliusa
01/26/2023 16:23:34 en Tips | 0 comments

Even though we like diving a lot, sometimes for one reason or another we stop practicing this activity, and the more time passes, the more laziness and respect gives us the idea of returning to the water. But do not worry!

You still have everything you learned and practiced before, the only thing you need is to touch the water again to feel that you can enjoy your underwater adventures again. And don't forget to tell your old dive buddy, they sure have lots of fun stories to remember.

What should I take into account before returning to diving?

1. Physical state. Even if you are a healthy person who practices sports, it is advisable to have a medical check-up before diving again.

2. Diving reminder. If we haven't dived for a long time, we forget about some things, and maybe there are others that we don't even know about, because we weren't updating ourselves during all this time. Therefore, it is very useful to make a small reminder "Scuba Review" to refresh the knowledge you have and catch up with the news.

3. Diving Equipment. If you have your own diving equipment, do a Technical Review before using it, so you can make sure that everything works correctly and you will not have unexpected surprises.

4. Start with the easy. Do not look for strong emotions on the first day, start with an easy dive, the one you can control, you will feel safer and you will also enjoy it more.

5. Keep diving. Try to do at least several dives a year to maintain your underwater knowledge and skills.


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