Diving baptism: everything you need to know.

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Imagine the thrill of breathing underwater and discovering an underwater universe full of vibrant colors and fascinating marine life. Baptism diving, also known as Discover Scuba Diver, offers you exactly that. But what is this unique experience like and what should you keep in mind before diving in? Join us on this underwater journey and discover everything you need to know for your first

What is Diving Baptism?

Diving baptism is the gateway to the exciting world of diving. It is an experience designed for non-certified people who want to experience the sensation of breathing underwater and explore the beauty of the ocean with the guidance of a certified instructor. How does it work? Let's start by breaking down the fundamental steps of this unique experience.

Theoretical Session and Appropriate Equipment

Your underwater journey begins with a short but essential theory session. Here, the basics of diving and the safety precautions you should follow at all times are explained. Then comes the exciting time of equipping yourself with everything you need: wetsuits, tanks, vests, regulators, masks and fins. This equipment will provide you with the comfort and safety necessary to immerse yourself in this adventure.

Shallow Water Dive with Personalized Instruction

Once equipped, you will dive into shallow waters under the careful guidance of your instructor. Here, you will learn basic diving skills, such as breathing underwater, navigation, and buoyancy control. Instructors are with you at all times to ensure your safety and provide additional instructions. Although this experience does not lead to certification, it is the perfect opportunity to try scuba diving and determine if it is something you want to explore further.

Important Things to Remember:


Before diving, make sure you are in good health and consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or are taking medications.


The minimum age for diving training varies, but is generally at least 10 years old, depending on the region and diving organization.


Although formal certification is not required, it is essential to obtain proper training and become familiar with the equipment before diving.


Diving equipment is essential for your safety and comfort. Make sure it is in good condition and fits correctly.


You will receive instructions on equipment use, underwater communication, and basic diving maneuvers before you dive.


Always follow safety instructions and do not venture beyond your abilities or physical capabilities.


Check the weather forecast before diving and follow your instructor's advice to ensure a safe experience.

Respect for the environment:

Respect marine life and do not leave trash in the water. Enjoy the underwater beauty without disturbing the environment.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

The price of a first-time dive usually ranges between 40 and 60 euros, depending on the place and the diving center. The duration varies, but you can generally expect to spend about 2-3 hours on this exciting activity.

At CursosDeBuceo.com, we are here to guide you in every bubbling step of your underwater adventure. Immerse yourself in the baptism of diving and discover a world full of wonder and emotion. Ready to take the first leap? Let's go diving!


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