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Imagine diving into the depths of the ocean, surrounded by silence and darkness. What secrets will this vast underwater world keep? Today, we will reveal the intriguing life of sea turtles, animals that, despite their notoriety, have maintained many mysteries. How have they evolved to survive in the mysterious open sea?

Discovering Sea Turtles: Inhabitants of the Mysterious Sea

Solitary and enigmatic, sea turtles spend 90% of their lives in the open sea. This unique characteristic has challenged researchers, making it difficult to study many aspects of its life. However, one surprising feat stands out among their abilities: migration and returning to the same beach to nest.

A Baby Turtle's Odyssey: A Journey of Survival from Birth

From the moment they emerge from their shells, baby turtles embark on an odyssey of survival. Traveling from the beach to the sea in the first 48 hours of life is critical, facing predators and searching for their own food. In the Atlantic and Caribbean, many hatchlings must make their way in the Gulf Streams, full of aquatic plants.

The Magic of Migration: Navigating the Mysteries of the Sea

Reaching adulthood and sexual maturity is an achievement for these marine creatures, who migrate to new habitats, probably to spend the rest of their lives, except during the breeding season. Mating and nesting are the only events that divert turtles from their routine, and why they choose specific beaches for this purpose is not yet fully understood.

Open Sea Navigation: The Enigma of Magnetic Orientation

In their vast open ocean habitat, sea turtles face strong currents and limited vision. Despite these difficulties, they have the surprising ability to nest on the same beach. How they accomplish this journey without getting lost is a mystery, but it is speculated that they can detect the Earth's magnetic field to navigate accurately.

Mexico: Treasure of Endangered Sea Turtles

Mexico is home to seven of the eight species of sea turtles in the world, making it a marine treasure. However, these species are endangered due to illegal hunting for their meat, skin, eggs and shells. The fight for its survival continues, and knowledge and awareness are key to its preservation.

Cultural Exploration: Turtles in Mexican Mythology

In addition to their biological importance, turtles have been revered in ancient Mexican culture. Compared to divinities and mythologically linked to the origin of the Toltec people, these creatures are an integral part of the history and symbolism in Mexico.

Conclusion: Diving and Sea Turtles: An Enduring Bond

In conclusion, sea turtles and diving are intertwined in a unique bond. By diving into the ocean, we not only explore marine life, but we also contribute to its preservation. Discover the amazing world of sea turtles and join us on the mission to protect these wonderful creatures!


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