Extended Range Nitrox Diving


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There are many benefits of Nitrox in the field of diving, so it is important to know how to understand them and learn how to use them.

Breathing air carries drawbacks such as narcosis, and the bottom time is reduced compared to the use of other gases.

Using Nitrox reduces the chance of narcosis and increases the bottom time limit.

This course enables you to dive to a depth of -40 m. using an O2-enriched mixture as background gas and a single-gas stage with an enriched mixture of up to a maximum of 50% for accelerated desaturation.

You can take the course with your recreational scuba gear carrying a rear mount tank and pony stage or H/Y tap or technic dive setup.


  • Theoretical Module
  • Confined Water or Pool Module
  • Open Water Module
  • Shore Dives
  • Boat Dives
  • Processing of the Certification
  • Teaching materials
  • log book
  • Transfer from the center to the dive site
  • Specific material during the activity
  • theoretical explanation
  • Certified Trainer
  • Diploma

You have to know

Certification SSI
Level Initiation
Previous experience OWD + EAN + Deep Dive
Age + 16
Max deep 40 meters
dives 4
Format Online-In-person

595.00 EUR

Price per person

* The center will reply to you as soon as possible..

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C/ Mestre Serradesanferm nº 9 local 2, Barcelona, ESP


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